Month: May 2016

Make The Right Choice Today – Healthy Life Or Disease Life

Every year, in all parts of the world, cancer awareness institutes continuously inform and encourage people to quit smoking. The reason for quitting need no reason to be specifically communicated as young and old all walks in life are more than aware of the dreadful implications of smoking. The use of nicotine is the one and only source of preventable diseases and this is why the focus on smokers and cigarettes are immense. Yet with many awareness programs and information passed on around the globe, people still are addicted and on their way of harming every possible organ in their body. Here are all the reasons why you need to quit smoking today and chose a healthier happy lifestyle instead.
Lung Cancer
Studies suggest that this particular illness has the highest number of patients who are chain smokers. Not only have chain smokers, social smokers also faced with such disease irrespective of the occasions they engage in smoking. To avoid falling into this category most people are now enrolled in quit smoking hypnotherapy in Melbourne to channel their inner self in the correct path and to make the correct choices. 

This quit smoking hypnotherapy is said to have helped multitudes of people come over the habit of smoking.
Heart attacks and heart diseases
We have all heard of unfortunate news of someone we know who passed away with heart related diseases. Majority of the time it is due to smoking and prolonged periods of been exposed to harmful smoke. One of every five heart diseases lead to death and medical experts suggest that it is due to the harmful effects of increased nicotine levels in one’s system.
Liver cancer
Continuous smoking increases the amount of nicotine that is released into the bloodstream. The liver been one of the most important organs in your body gets deeply affected by higher amount of nicotine levels. This would eventually result in liver cancer which is quite severe and leads to fatalities.
Higher chances of occurrence of a stroke
Smoking has a way of making the blood in your system much thicker in comparison, which makes the possibilities of a stroke taking place a higher probability. Thicker blood is more likely to form clots and which can cause strokes when you least expect it.
Cervical cancer
Not only men, women are also prone to face such deathly diseases as a result of smoking. More specifically for women however has an increase percentage of contracting cervical cancer by double folds when engaged in the habit of smoking.

Tips On How To Help Your Mom Destress And Feel Better

Does your mom get irritated a lot easily and more often than you remember? Is she always stressed out or looking harassed? She needn’t even say it, if she looks gloomy and all around miserable, then she’s probably exhausted and deserves a day off.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a career woman with a busy schedule, or a stay-at-home mom who manages a busy “ship”; women, like men, tend to forget that their bodies need rest and time to regroup.

So what do you do if you notice your mother’s stressed out and miserable mode? How do you help out?

Keep reading for our experts’ advice and tips on taking care of the “most important” woman in your life.

Figure out what’s bothering her.

Often, stress can generate from a single root. Talk to her and try to feel out what’s troubling her; whether if it’s work or having too much work at home. It could even be both. Talking about it and telling her you understand, and that you’re even willing to work a little harder to help her out can actually help a lot more than you think.

A little TLC and special treatment.

Who says you need to wait for mother’s day or her birthday to make her feel special? You can do it anytime. In fact, a spontaneous hug (those long, squeeze-y one’s that make her squeal) or a head massage in Melbourne can feel wonderful after a long and eventful day.

Try having a relaxed conversation with her; telling her about what’s happening in your life and listening to what’s happening in hers can feel even better than a head massage sometimes.

Plan something out of the ordinary.

Most of the time, your extra attention should be able to help put a bounce back on her step; if not, time for plan B.

Plan something bigger, like asking her if she wants to go shopping or watch a movie together. Try to make it so that it’s a movie she wants to watch as well, not just what you’d like and she’d tolerate. Ask her which movies she’s been planning on watching to get an idea about what to rent or buy.

Say the words out loud.

If you’ve been doing extra chores and helping out more, if you’re planning and strategizing on how to relax your mom, it’s not rocket science figuring out that you obviously love, care and worry about your mom. Tell her this. Adding the words while you show her might be just the cure to her worries. Believe us when we say that the words “I love you Mom” can do wonders to a mother’s heart and soul.